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Tapioca Pearl

Tapioca Pearl (Sogo) is another food product derived from tapioca starch. Sago is widely popular among consumers both locally and in other East Asian countries such as China and Taiwan and it is also exported to Europe and the United States of America because sago can be used in cooking savoury dishes as well as desserts, which underpin the upward trend of sago consumption.

Currently, the Company has further developed its sago product line to offer more variety, producing Roselle sago and Pandanus sago, allowing consumers the opportunity to select from products that are different and new. Furthermore, new recipes have been developed for both savoury dishes and desserts. The recipes are available to consumers as "recommended recipes" for greater variety, convenience, and speed. Examples of new recipes include boiled sago dumplings (in place of the traditional method of steaming), tapioca pearls mixed with coriander roots, garlic & pepper, the jade pearls, and the sea pearls, all of which use large tapioca pearls for preparation.

Additionally, a new product called Tiny Pearls has been developed for easy cooking, i.e. by pouring hot water into tiny pearls and leaving them for five minutes. This product can be served as an ingredient for breakfast or be mixed with sausages to add texture.

The Company’s manufacturing plant for sago products has been awarded international certification standards under the ISO 9001:2015, GMP, HACCP and Halal, which can assure customers of the Company’s product quality.


Tapioca Pearl Brochure
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