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Alpha Starch

Alpha starch is a type of tapioca starch that is modified using a physical modification process. Alpha starch is widely used in the industries of aquatic animal feeds, mosquito repellents, and metal casting. Thai Wah Alpha Starch Company Limited (TWAS), a subsidiary of the Company, manufactures and distributes this product with the main markets being Japan and Taiwan.

TWAS currently focuses on the importance of improving product quality and is currently researching methods to manufacture new products to satisfy the market’s needs. TWAS also has the capability to manufacture alpha starch according to the chemical formula requirements specific to each industry in keeping with recognized standards. This will enable increased exports, both in terms of volume and value. The alpha starch production factory also received ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system certification, GMP and HACCP including the HALAL mark.


Alpha Starch Brochure