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All of which are manufactured and sold by the Company and its subsidiaries, namely Thai Nam Tapioca Company Limited, DI Company Limited, Thai Wah Alpha Starch Company Limited, Tay Ninh Tapioca Joint Stock Company, Vietnam Tapioca Company Limited and Tapioca Development Corporation Limited. The Company’s products in this category includes tapioca flour and starch, modified starch, glucose syrup, tapioca pearl, alpha starch, rice flour and starch, and organic products


Tapioca starch is a product derived from cassava roots. Apart from direct consumption, tapioca starch has many other uses in the food industry. Tapioca starch is an ingredient in seasoning powder (MSG) and sweetener products, and has many uses in other industries, including the paper and textile industries.


Modified tapioca starches can be used for several industrial applications including food industry, paper industry and others. This is produced by Tapioca Development Corporation, a subsidiary company located in at Baan Chang District, Rayong Province, for both local and foreign markets. The key export markets are China, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and other countries in East Asia and ASEAN region.


Glucose syrup is made from hydrolysis of starch and its character is sticky viscous clear liquid, slightly sweet and colorless. It is used as an ingredient in many food products such as candy, toffees, jam, juice powder, ice cream, creamer and other beverages, which are manufactured by TNT.


Tapioca Pearl (Sago) is another food product derived from tapioca starch. Sago is widely popular among consumers both locally and in other East Asian countries such as China and Taiwan and it is also exported to Europe and the United States of America because sago can be used in cooking savoury dishes as well as desserts, which underpin the upward trend of sago consumption.


Alpha starch is a type of tapioca starch that is modified using a physical modification process. Alpha starch is widely used in the industries of aquatic animal feeds, mosquito repellents, and metal casting. Thai Wah Alpha Starch Company Limited (TWAS), a subsidiary of the Company,manufactures and distributes this product with the main markets being Japan and Taiwan.


Rice flour is a product derived from rice using the water milling process which is a modern technology. Currently Tay Ninh Tapioca Joint Stock Company, located in Vietnam, produces both rice flour and sticky rice flour using good quality raw materials that produces high quality products that have consistent whiteness and suitable viscosity. At present bread, bakeries, noodle products and other types of desserts are mainly produced using wheat flour which are imported at a relatively high price.


Our extensive range of natural, plant based ingredients have been certified by the highest organic standards offering trust, traceability and transparency to you our valuable customers. Understanding the importance of offering your customers the safest and better-for-you product solutions is our priority.