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Thai Wah sustainable packaging for the future at the 11th “Starch Value Chain ASIA”

Thai Wah Public Company Limited or TWPC brings bioplastic products and sustainable packaging made from tapioca starch under the ROSECO brand to exhibit at the 11th "Starch Value Chain Asia". The event gathers stakeholders in the cassava starch supply chain to discuss and share knowledge on adding value to products, including sustainable development of the cassava industry. This event was recently held at the Hilton Sukhumvit Hotel, Bangkok.

At the event, Mr. Ho Ren Hua, Chief Executive Officer of the Company, attended the opening speech and Mr. Thanachart Laosiripong Assistant Chief Executive Officer Special Business Department of the Company, participated in a special lecture on the topic “What will Thailand’s cassava bioeconomy value chain look like? How can cassava play an important role?”

As we swiftly enter 2023, catalyzing the bio-circular economy has become a top priority for the agri-food sector. With impending problems of climate change and increasing demand for nutrition, we must utilize the undeniable strength of SEA's vast and biodiverse farmlands to feed the world and drive sustainability. Looking to close the bio-circular economy loop, Thai Wah has created a B2B food platform for global markets, turned waste into energy, and upcycled products across our factories. Furthermore, with RosEco, our tapioca-based bioplastics product and bio-mulch film technology, we've been able to reduce our overall carbon footprint and save costs by over 20%. We're committed to scaling regenerative agriculture across SEA to deliver growth through the global ecosystem from farm to shelf by 2030. The roadmap to reposition Thai Wah as SEA's agri-food platform company with multiple growth engines to utilize the upcoming $1 trillion "Green Economy" seems like a long journey ahead, but we firmly believe that what we do in the next five years will define our next ten. We hope all that we are doing today will be enough to encourage everyone to start contributing to a future that is fully "green".