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Investor Relations

Thai Wah and Partners orchestrated the SEA Agri-Food Roundtable 2023, Aiming to Drive Sustainable Future of the Agri-Food Business throughout the Region

In a remarkable display of dedication to sustainable growth, Thai Wah, in collaboration with Rethink Events and Temasek, orchestrated the second SEA Agri-Food Roundtable in 2023, at the Banyan Tree Hotel in Bangkok. This influential gathering brought together a diverse array of more than 180 thought leaders, researchers, and business executives from 16 countries.

The overarching goal of the seminar was to identify key strategic ideas, develop innovative projects, and unveil investment opportunities that would elevate food and agriculture practices in Thailand and Southeast Asia. By facilitating a platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange, the organizers sought to ignite a transformational shift towards sustainability and resilience in the region.

The SEA Agri-Food Roundtable 2023 proved to be an unequivocal success. The tireless efforts and unwavering commitment of all participants filled the event with hope and optimism for the future. As a collective force, they embraced the responsibility of safeguarding the environment and preserving precious resources for generations to come.

The impact of this event extended far beyond its conclusion, as it served as a stepping stone to drive Southeast Asia's agri-food sector towards becoming a global leader in innovation and sustainability.

Thai Wah, Rethink, and Temasek extend our heartfelt appreciation to all participants, partners, and team members who played an integral role in making #SEA2023 a resounding triumph. It is in this spirit of collaboration and dedication that we aim to propel the agri-food industry towards a brighter, more sustainable future for Southeast Asia and the world.

With enthusiasm and anticipation, we look forward to welcoming everyone at the forthcoming #SEA2024 event.