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Investor Relations

TWPC has been listed in the SET ESG Rating in Agro &Food Industry Sector for 5 consecutive years

Thai Wah is pleased to announce that we've been 5th consecutive year selected for the SET ESG Rating or Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) by the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). It reflects we dedication to value creation beyond profits and our role and responsibility in adhering to the holistic principles of sustainability.

" Thai Wah has always prioritized the ESG principles for our business operations. It allows the investors to see our potential, growth, competitive ability, and future returns. Our constant presence on the SET ESG Rating level A reminds us of the importance of including economics, society, and the environment in our sustainability strategy and the organization's and its stakeholders' comprehensive management. Value creation extends beyond just profits, and sustainable growth should be the focus of every organization," said Mr. Ho Ren Hua.